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  • 23 December 2013
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I cannot access it after putting a number of passwords on it a couple of weeks ago.  I get error messages.  Webroot support is a joke.  
Does anyone know how to fix this. 
I get these error messages:
your  Data/Password management account is not yet ready to use, please try back in the next few minutes. If you continue to see this message, please contact customer support 
and finally If you're not redirected within a couple of seconds, please click here  to continue to Passwords.
When I click here, I get a message that says something about this might not be a valid Webroot site.  If I go anyway, I get an error message.  
 Thank you. 

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3 replies

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Hello Sallmander and welcome to the Webroot Community!
That is a database error, and so I am guessing that there is something corrupt in your account.  If so, that must be fixed by Support.  Please file a Trouble Ticket.  (I have tested that button in my WSA interface, and it is working correctly, so the problem is probably something regarding that specific user profile.)
Alternatively, or at least until there is a response to your Trouble Ticket, you can log into your Account Console and create a new user profile.  If you have WSA-Internet Security, you are allowed 3 user profiles, WSA-Complete allows 5.  To do this, if you have not already created the maximum number of users for your key code, follow these steps:
Log into the Console
At the upper right corner, click your email address and select Manage Users from the drop down
Click Create New User
Set up the new User and make sure you set it to have Mobile and Password access.
Trouble Tickets are usually replied to within a couple of hours, sometimes a little longer on the weekends, but Support is staffed 24/7.
Thank you.  I could not get to the support webpage yesterday either to open a ticket as that link too gave me an error message.   Suddenly, today the password manager and the support link worked.  
While this may be a great product, it is an absolute pain to deal with absent a computer technology degree.  
Thanks so much for your assistance.  
Not sure why it would not work yesterday for hours and suddenly does today . . . . . But in any case, Thank you again.  
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I am glad it is working now!