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  • 22 April 2019
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I am simply trying to pay my bill for webroot ?? I bought it from Best Buy. How do I pay for it?

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Hi charles ralls

Welcome to the Community Forums.

I presume that when you say "trying to pay my bill for webroot " you are referring to a renewal as a first time purchase would have to be paid for in full before using the software commercially. So in the assumption that I am correct and that you are indeed referring to a renewal.

First thing is to check which version you have renewed? Is it a Best Buy/The Geek Squad version of WRSA purchase or the standard Webroot version?

If a Best Buy version then the renewal actually only occurs on the expiry date and then it can take 24 - 48 hours before the Webroot back office systems are updated (transfer of information from Best Buy to Webroot). In case it is of use there is a Best Buy/Geek Squad page on the Webroot site (HERE).

If not a Best Buy version then you should have received notification of the impending expiry and can renew HERE (for US) or HERE (for UK).

Hope that helps? If I have gotten the wrong of the stick completely then please post back to advise in more detail as to your circumstances surrounding your need to 'pay the bill'.

Regards, Baldrick