• 13 January 2019
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I received an email that was fake and pretended to be AT&T. The first clue that this was fake was the spelling, the URL, and the large CLICK Button I was told to click to correct a deficiency with my email account. Or call the phone number attached. The phone number was a legitimate AT&T number but everything else was fake. I forwarded the email to AT&T Abuse and called the AT&T tech line to mention this. When I called AT&T tech support line I got someone from India who spoke broken English and told me to go to a Chat Line.

Long story short is I didn't click the link, moved the email to Spam, and then blocked the sender. Not too soon afterwards, I think in two days is when my internet url had in red that I was on the internet and not secure. Something had happened to my internet-goggle chrome. What saved me was that every week I Create a Restore Point via System and Security, then System, and then create the restore point. I restored my computer to two weeks prior and everything is back or normal operation.

There were no viruses, bugs, etc. detected but something was done to my computer registry or settings that affected my Internet connection.

I can't emphasize how import it is to Create a Restore Point in your computer on a regular basis! It is peace of mind.

Thanks and I hope this helps someone.

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