• 28 March 2014
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Hello, I am brand new to Webroot. I think I have SecureAnywhere Plus. It does not say that on the box but buy comparing the different looking boxes it looks like plus. Geek Squad installed it on one of my laptops and gave me the Secure Anywhere box and CD. It was very easy to install this program on my other two laptops.  One is my wife and one is a very small Asus I have text to talk on. I was injured in the Iraq war and can not make a sound or talk. My computers are my communication. I nerver heard of Webroot until the Geek Squad installed it on the first computer. I like how fast it is but I still can't get over the fast scans. My question is does Webroot Plus have a spam filter and is the complete version better than the Plus version. Thank you so much. I will keep reading here and the Blogs so I can learn this program as fast as I can. Be Safe

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Hello Danyel1 and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Since the Geek Squad installed it, I am pretty sure that you have the Best Buy Subscription Software version.  It is almost identical to the WSA-Internet Security Plus version.  You can determine this very easily: look at the back of the box.  At the lower left hand corner, if it has a Best Buy Serial Number beginning with WBR, and if the Key Code was under a peel off sticker under or close to that WBR number, you have the Best Buy version.
WSA does not contain a Spam filter for your email... but it will protect you from virus attachments and other threats contained in the email.
WSA-Complete does have a few additional features that WSA-IS and the Best Buy versions do not have.  There is, however, no upgrade ability to Complete from the Best Buy version.  If you decide you want the features of WSA-Complete, you would need to purchase a new copy of the software.
We are glad to have you here, and anytime you need assistance or have any questions, let us know!  This is a great place to learn more about Webroot, and to just hang out and have some fun too!
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Hello Danyel1
May I add my welcome to the Webroot Community, to that of David's...
And also glad that you decided to drop by and share your experiences of WSA.  Have a good look around at all the Forums...there is something for just about everyone here; Techie, Non-Techie, etc.
Hope to see you around in the future?
All the best
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Hi Danyel1 and welcome's great to have you with the community. There is a lot of info around the Webroot Forum and you will enjoy it I'm sure! Don't be shy!
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Hello Danyel1. Welcome to the Community where everyday is a new learning experience. I'm sure you'll enjoy here and make lots of friends.:)
Thank You everyone for such kind welcomes and the info. I did find wbr as the first three letters on the back of the box the cd of webroot came in. So my verson is from Geek Squad. Everyone here makes me feel very good and I will read all I can on the Blogs and forums to to learn.
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Welcome to the Community Danyel1 I am sure you will enjoy your time here and find plenty read and learn from, there is a great team here so enjoy yourself.
To DavidP, you are right, I have the Best Buy version WBR is on the numder on the back of the box. Also on the my account window of Webroot it says SecureAnywhere Plus. It also says days remaining is 1071. So I have the Best Buy version and it is for the 3 years. I have the support from Geek Squad for 3 years. I am not sure how that happened. I must have told them OK to do it. Thank you for pointing that out and thanks to all the fine folks that welcomed me. I will not bother you all, I will read everything and if I can't solve a problem I will ask here first.
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Since you have Geek Squad Tech Support, the Webroot was provided free for the same length, that is normal.  Best Buy always provides an AV with Tech Support, and the three year has a big discount over purchasing one year at a time.
In the future, if you want to get my attention on here, simply @ , that sends an email to me notifying me.  Have patience though, as i often cannot reply while at work but i WILL reply as soon as i can!
Gotta go for now....due to clock in :-)