• 18 April 2019
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Just renewed for another year and had 30 days left on my old one.Now with the new one it is telling me 366 days.Shouldn`t that be 396 days?

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Hi evangelize

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When you say 'renewed' did you renew via the Webroot website, i.e., no new key code or did you do a 'pseudo' renewal by being another subscription for which you received & activated a NEW keycode?

If the former then there is definitively something wrong. IF the latter then I am afraid that yo are effectively running 2 subscriptions simultaneously as entering a new keycode does not automatically add one to the other. You can try to get that to happen by Submitting a Support Ticket, providing both keycodes and explaining to the Support Team the position. They may help you out there but it is not guaranteed.

Hope that helps?

Regards, Baldrick