System Compromised

  • 7 July 2016
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Hello to All,
I use my lap top for home & work, I have webroot installed, my concern is from time to time I get a notice that says my system is compromised and I should call this number to get it repaired right away.
I run webroot scans and it shows no threats.
Is there something else I should be doing??

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Hi dwowebroot
Welcome to the Community Forums.
This is a scam...and you should never respond to any popup advising on an issue AND advising that you call a phne number. No self respecting or respectable company would engage in that sort of activity.
You should continue doing what you are doing, i.e., ignoring it, and you should get yourself a decent popup blocker to try to limit this sort of unwanted & unhelpful intrusion.
Here are some suggestions on those used by other members:
For Internet Explorer Ad Block Plus:
For Firefox uBlock: or Privacy Badger:

Google Chrome uBlock: or Privacy Badger:
Regards, Baldrick