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  • 23 March 2019
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The only programs I install on my c: drive are Windows and programs that do not allow a custom install.

I installed Webroot on my d drive yet yesterday apparently a program update was installed automatically and it installed itself on my c: drive. So now I have two installations on my system.

If I uninstall the copy on the c: drive will it just update itself again and put it on my c: drive again?

I stopped using a different program from a different vender for the same reason so I am hoping there is a workaround that will enable the updates to install on the drive and directory of my choice.

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Hi bettytwiz

Welcome to the Community Forums.

I believe that if you uninstall the copy on your C: drive the automatic installer will, when it has a new version to install, just apply it to the C: drive again.

As while one can determine the install location when initially installing, I do not believe that there is anyway to define where the auto updater will apply any updates issued. And even if you could prevent an auto update and then try to install the update manually I am not sure that you would have the option then either.

I may be incorrect on this but your best bet for getting clarity on this is to Open a Support Ticket, so that the Support Team can review/investigate and advise what options you have, if any.

Hope that helps?

Regards, Baldrick

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