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Hi Panamon

I had what I believe is the same or very similar issue but have managed to resolve it as described in the 20th post in this thread. If you have not read through my whole post then please do as I think it may help.

Essentially, I am guessing but for the transfer to work once should not already have a LastPass account set up/active base don the same email address as one's Webroot Online account, because...and I am further hypothesising here...part of the transfer process either creates an account in LastPass for one or expects one's LastPass account, based on the same email address, to have the same password as the one in Webroot...if that all makes sense.

I had both a Webroot account & LastPass account but with different passwords and the transfer process would not work. So I had to delete the LastPass account and then open a LastPass support ticket to get the account reinstated...which occurred but without a defined password. I then followed the transfer process as described by Webroot...and presto...the transfer took place.

Now I am not that your issue is the same (it may well be) but rather that LastPass Support were very responsive in resolving the block from their persist with the support ticket but make sure that it is lodged with LastPass Support and not Webroot.

Hope that helps some?

Regards, Baldrick
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@Baldrick thanks to your excellent advice I've now managed to get my Lastpass acccount set up and working by deleting a Lastpass account I must have set up some time in the past and forgotten about! M y problem now is trying to import data from my Roboform account into Lastpass, I'm exporting it to a Csv file for import but for some reason when it's imported into Lastpass it only imports the title and url of the login page and not the user name and the password! 🤔
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Hi Sheltieuk

Hope that you are well?

You are most welcome...glad that worked for you. 😀

Re. your RoboForm import issue I would recommend that you Open a LastPass Support Ticket to seek help from the LastPass Support Team. They should be able to help as I cannot believe that you would be the first LastPass user to want to do this.

Also, I believe that there is an FAQ page on their support site so you may want to look there as well...but go with the ticket first.

Do let us know how you get on, etc.

Regards, Baldrick
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Hi Baldrick, thanks I managed to solve the problem via Lastpass support page it was just a matter of editing the headers on the csv file to match up the field names, all imported now. 🙂
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OK, heard back from LP last night and was told to export my data to a .php, I had to look it up. Learned it is a source code file, meaning it contains the program language for the LP account sites/notes/etc. It is really a text document but you can't just download it or print it to a PDF. You have to copy all, or ALT a, and paste to a text file. You can use Wordpad or Notepad but read that they might not copy all the code, so was advised to get TextPad, free trial version, full is $27. Also advised to add php to file name. After I doing this, LP said to delete my LP account which I did. Forgot to write down token number of support ticket so had to open a new ticket telling them I accomplished all so they could restore my Webroot password management account. When I go through Webroot account password manager to the get started page, it still tells me my Webroot login is invalid. I've deleted all LP extensions.

I haven't heard from LP and don't know if I will, they have my email. If I haven't heard from them by tomorrow, I'm giving up. Free LP works great and I can have access to my passwords on my phone with the app, which I didn't have with Webroot.
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Hi Baldrick, thanks I managed to solve the problem via Lastpass support page it was just a matter of editing the headers on the csv file to match up the field names, all imported now. 🙂
Hi Sheltieuk

Great news. I thought that it must be a question of knowledge and we are all newbies (or at least most of us are as we have been Webroot PWM users) when it comes to LastPass.

Have a great week.

Regards, Baldrick
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OK, after much gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes, I'm in. I changed my Webroot password just before getting email about upgrade, but LP wanted me to input my old password to complete the process. It only took me 4 days to figure it out. Apologies to all here, Webroot, and LastPass.

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Just wanted to say thanks. My credentials weren't accepted, I had an old, unused, LP account. It was easy to delete (just search for 'delete LP account' and you're pointed to the right page). I didn't have any pw to save, so I didn't get the grief some have had. Once deleted I could sign up through the WSA console without problems.

Thanks for a the help. Now I just need to tell support they need not reply to my 3-day old ticket.

Cheers everyone!
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2019-04-20 01:18
You: last Pass ... (30.3 KB) my webroot password manager is critical to my pc experience ... time to resolve this

2019-04-20 01:04
You: How long am I supposed to be patient waiting for resolution support? 10 days already passed.
2019-04-15 23:07
You: any update for resolution?
2019-04-12 02:44
Camille Thank you for the details. I have escalated your ticket to LEVEL 3 SUPPORT for further review.
2019-04-12 01:40
Knoll Thank you for the details. I have escalated your ticket to LEVEL 2 SUPPORT for further review.
2019-04-11 13:55
You: my last pass account cannot be recovered on this pc. new hard drive installed recently. please restore Webroot password management account for use in LastPass.
2019-04-10 01:59
Knoll Hello,

Please visit to export your data from your existing LastPass account.

Once you've done this (or have chosen not to do this), please message us back and we will restore your Webroot password management account for use in LastPass.

2019-04-09 19:38
You: since I already had a last pass account, my webroot data will not migrate.
2019-04-08 06:58
Your Webroot account will be automatically moved to your new LastPass Premium account. This will happen after you log in with your Webroot username and password, and then create your LastPass account. After that, when you log in for the first time, you will see all of your passwords in your LastPass vault.

Please also watch this video from Webroot:

2019-04-07 20:48
You: I'd like my Webroot passwords restored for use.