very concerned

i recently received an email from someone that  had a old password from a site that I had visited saying that they had disturbing images of myself from the past 4 months demanding payment in bitcoin or they would release the images to family and friends.   They do have my current email address but the password was from years ago. im concerned and do not know what to do


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I think I have the same problem. this happened 4/28/20. it also happen to my wife around the same time. attempted blackmail by someone.  does anyone have any answers

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Hello @cvk154 


It’s a scam so just delete the email! It’s a very well known scam!



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Agreed with @TripleHelix  - This is a well known scam. If you are extra concerned, go ahead and change your most used passwords. It’s a good security practice to change passwords every few months anyway. Data breaches can give malicious actors access to previously used passwords so changing them often helps mitigate this concern! 

thank you triplehelix and khumphery for your answer and prompt response!!!!!!