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  • 25 February 2014
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Don't like to complain but the Webroot tech support guy that I just spoke with suggested I post this complaint. Last year I bought the Webroot Secure Anywhere software from Best Buy.  I think version 8.  So this year I was prompted to renew my subscription.  I get an email after I had renewed thru Webroot and not Best Buy Assurance (which I didn't know I should have renewed thru Best Buy),  that I needed to uninstall the older version and reinstall.  I just spent WAY too much time trying to find out if I actually had to do this, WHICH I DID NOT, because this years version is the same as last years. Couldn't you add this question to the list of frequently asked questions so that someone else does not have to go thru what I just did. And by the way, not everyone is tech savvy.   I thought I should get the back up cd and was told by Webroot tech support that I didn't need to do this.  So I bought the back up cd for $10 and I didn't even need it.  So why do you sell it?  Everyone is out to make a buck and take advantage of people who don't know any better.  I feel ripped off.  And next year I will not be renewing!!!  VERY FRUSTRATED!

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Hello Pelican1623 and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Sorry you are having these issues so you had a Best Buy Subscription Service and you renewed via Webroot one thing they are 2 different downloads the one from Best Buy is for Best Buy Subscription Service only and the one from Webroot is this one and it's true you don't need the Back Up CD because the link always downloads the latest version also 1 download for all versions of WSA as the Keycode determines the the features you paid for hopefully someone from the Webroot Staff will see this and help you out and get this sorted. @