Webroot behing windows Firewall

  • 24 July 2020
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we have very restrictive environment where we have windows firewall enabled for both inbound/outbound traffic. And as windows firewall uses IPs rather than DNS in order to allow/block traffic. so may i know the ip ranges for webroot servers so i can allow in windows firewall for inbound/outbound traffic?


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Hello @hassanali 


I will ping our Business experts and they will help you @coscooper and @JGiffard 


As you know WSA’s firewall works with Windows Firewall please see here:


Managing Firewalls

The SecureAnywhere firewall monitors data traffic traveling out of your computer ports. It looks for untrusted processes that try to connect to the Internet and steal your personal information. It works with the Windows firewall, which monitors data traffic coming into your computer. With both the SecureAnywhere and Windows firewall turned on, your data has complete inbound and outbound protection.

You should not turn off either the Windows firewall or the SecureAnywhere firewall. If they are disabled, your system is open to many types of threats whenever you connect to the Internet or to a network. These firewalls can block malware, hacking attempts, and other online threats before they can cause damage to your system or compromise your security.

The SecureAnywhere firewall is preconfigured to filter traffic on your computer. It works in the background without disrupting your normal activities. If the firewall detects any unrecognized traffic, it opens an alert where you can block the traffic or allow it to proceed.


Also you may want to Submit a Support Ticket and ask them as well!




thanks. my question was not regarding WSA firewall, i specifically want to know the complete ip subnet ranges of wwwroot servers that are required to be allowed in windows firewall for inbound or outbound traffic. thanks

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I don’t know if they will post that information on a Public forum so try the Ticket system and ask them: Webroot Customer Service


Or you can call the location closes to you: and



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@hassanali  - I’ll chime in and offer we do not have specific IP ranges due to the large array of servers servicing many aspects of the backend system(s) used by the agent and that they changes dynamically, so there is not static information regarding IPs, so technically, they do not exist in a way that can be used for firewall rules. They will change and are in the hundreds of thousands, so kind of pointless.

However, we do publish the URLs required to insure the agent works. Here’s that information.


Please allow for the following path masks outbound through the firewall:


Agent communication and updates

(Please note: Some firewalls do not support double dotted subdomain names with a single wildcard mask (i.e. being represented by * so some environments might require either * or *.*



Agent messaging***

Agent file downloading and uploading



Management portal and support ticket logs upload

Web Threat Shield



@coscooper thanks, but the issue is windows firewall only accept IP addresses / ranges.

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I’m not familiar enough with the nuances of Windows firewalls to provide direction as we typically work with customers using an edge firewall as local firewalls have limited central management capabilities.

That said, are you having issues with the Webroot agent? If so, the only suggestion I’ve heard is to add the Webroot application as allowed through private/public firewall settings. Our internal tests systems have Windows Firewalls enabled and the agent works fine without adding the application.

Windows 10 Pro:


As @TripleHelix stated, if there’s an actual problem, contact our business support team to get more in depth responses to specific issues.

there is no issue with agent. windows firewall has both inbound/outbound rule where we can allow/deny traffic on the basis of IP addresses.