Webroot causing Word failure

  • 5 September 2019
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Immediately upon downloading Webroot I was no longer able to open any of my Word Documents. After cursing a lot and asking for customer support, I redownloaded Webroot Secure Anywhere. Still didn't work. After unsuccessfully trying to uninstall Webroot, after four hours my Word documents suddenly gained their names beside their icons, and I could open them, but I had to move word files off Desktop to be able to open them. Several hours later I open my computer and Microsoft Word won't work at all and I cannot open any documents. My grandson's online computer game lost a ton of stuff: Major tantrums. I've spent hours on this. As far as I'm concerned Webroot is the worst piece of malware I've encountered in my decades of doing computers. Why is their time stamp for customer support messaging hours off from time sent? Right now my computer is just a chunk of plastic. Can't uninstall this crap and customer support won't help. Need desperately to work but can't access my files.

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1 reply

Well, if I was seeing the same as you, I certainly would be reacting much the same as you (cursing, pulling my hair out etc...). Fortunately, the vast majority of us do not have such dire experiences with Webroot (quite the contrary fortunately).

I suggest you contact Webroot directly by phone as it can sometimes take up to a couple of days for Support to respond to a ticket ☹️. Here are the phone numbers: https://www.webroot.com/us/en/support/contact .

Please, if possible keep us posted as to what happens. And make sure you use only the phone numbers and email addresses I refer to in the link above as there sadly are fake Support phone numbers out there.

EDIT: Btw whilst I would recommend that you give Support a chance to sort this one out (it definitely should not be happening), if you really are out of patience and just wish to uninstall Webroot, the surest way to do this is to go into Safe Mode, press the Windows key and' R' at the same time, type "C:\Program Files\Webroot\WRSA.exe" –uninstall into the pop-up dialogue box, and press Enter. That should do it. See this article for more information.