where to go to block unwanted websites

  • 31 January 2016
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Hi everyone!
As a new participant in the community,   I am eager to learn all I can from you. I only possess basic computer skills and will be ready to be a part of discussions.
 Thank You !

1 reply

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Hi spectrum5
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Unfortunately, there is no way per se to mark a website as unwanted or to block it from within WSA. The way that the funcntionality works at present is that should you visit a website that WSA deems to be dangerous, potentially malicious or of questionable reputation then it will throw up a block page givingthe option to avoid the site or conversely to learn more and even whitellist the site locally if one deems that the block is unwarranted/the site is safe.
But no way to mark a site, from within WSA, as bad or not to be accessed.
I hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick