why do I need to pay for subscriptions when the CD was already $50.00?

  • 21 June 2016
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When I purchased my computer in January of 2016 I also bought this Webroot program.  In all the fuss of the new computer--I've never actually owned one--I put the program up and away for forgot about it totally until I came across it this morning.  I then installed it and ran it, but it now says that I have only a few days left until I need to update my subscription.  Why is that?  I paid $49.99 new at the store and have barely opened the thing and just now installed it.  It doesn't make sense to me that I havew only a few days until there is a subscription charge for more protection.

1 reply

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Hi janenepadamson
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From what you are reporting I am suspecting that you purchased yourcomputer from Best Buy? If so then unfortunately, and unlike the purchase of the standard Webroot version, the WSA license is activated at the time of purchase, rather than when it is installed on the computer.
I believe that this is stated in the literature that Best Buy provide at the time of purchase but personally I feel that it should be explicitly advised to the purchaser at the time of the sale.
If I am correct then I am afraid that your only recourse, as far as I know, is to go back to Best Buy and complain about this and see whether they are prepared to do something for you.
If I am incorrect and you bought from elsewhere then please post back as what you are describingnis not to my mind normal.
Regards, Baldrick