why is my lap top so slow

  • 12 January 2016
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i would like to know why my lap top is running so slow   there does not seem to  be any problems when i scan it  so please help

1 reply

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? welcome to this community. Would you be able to tell us a few details pls?
brand & model of the laptop?
cpu speed / memory amount & hd or ssd ?
what version of windows are you running 
i suppose you run secure anywhere but are you running any av or malware software on the side?
are you running anything that eats a lot of memory like autocad or so...
May be a lot what i'm asking but i am trying to figure out what could be it without actually having access to your machine in person.
I suppose i'm the only one here that semi deliberately runs Windows 10 on a machine that's older then my own kids :$