Window Washer or Secure Anwhere?

  • 16 February 2014
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I like the old Webroot Window Washer, this secure anywhere, just doen't seem all that great too me.  I actually still have Webroot Window Washer on an old disk, it's v6.0.2.411 and I've decided too use it instead of secure anywhere.  I don't see anywhere on the secure anywhere where I can manually wash the free space.   I never thought one shoe fit  theory, wish they'd bring back a stand alone window washer!

4 replies

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Hi peach_cree
Welcome to the Community Forums...:D
Window Washer & WSA fulfill different functions so I hope that if you are using Window Washer your are also using a reputable AV or IS suit as well (if not WSA).  WSA does have some of the functionality of Window Washer in it but not all...and certainly not the wash free space option that yo have specifically mentioned.
My understanding is that WSA will not be amalgamating all of the Window Washer function into WSA but they may include more in the future...there is a feature request in the Ideas Exchange requesting this.
I do not believe that there is any issue with running Window Washer and WSA, and I would urge you to make sure that you are properly protected (by running WSA ;)), which is something that WIndows Washer alone will not do.
Please post back if you require any further information.
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Please note that Window Washer is a legacy product and thus it may not function very well in Modern Browsers as well as the latest versions of Windows. 
The legacy version is working fine, I do have installed WSA as well, but tbh, I find that Bleachbit and CCcleaner more to my liking.  I'm not really knocking WSA, it's just that it doesn't seem familiar to me yet.
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Good, then I am well relieved as you are very well protected with WSA.
Try not to compare WSA with Windows Washer...they are chalk and cheese.
WSA is really easy to use and you have the best Community on the Web to back you up as you familiarise yourself with this most excellent security app.
We are here to help so make use of the resource that is the Community Forums. ;)