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  • 11 April 2014
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Hi i am very happy to be acepted in this comunity and to learn about webroot i feel secure and i think i work better than another security products. I see very interesting options t remove malware as a scripts and i see another options to revert malware effects. I see your support and your forum voluntaries are too active. I am impressed. Its like live chat but whith no prefabricated answers and whith solutions. Incluse one guy test a software for me and bring me peace on mind but i have a philosofy and want to share whith you. I think too much  security companies take care of desinfection process and prevention process, but generates more problems than they solve for example FP or system files who they deleted as in mexico says "A diestra y siniestra" to refer whitouth thinking. MSE blocks chrome sometime, Mcafee inutilizes too much computers whith an update. Kaspersky relees a signature who other companies copies and crash computers. I think they dont care about windows well functionamient . I think they delete and delete. I think windows support was seeing only a microsoft responsability  and they blame others "AV or manufacturers" I think this is bad, and think is necesary a section who bring us a certain knnowlgede base who repair windows corrupt windows instalations or some apps like office or third party apps very populari btween the people. I know you are webroot and doing well your work but What about a section like that
For example my concerns and worries was someone stole my passwords and webroot helps because was a virus problem (Example)
But what about if office dont work or  if a corrupt system dont allow webroot works properly and fine
What about the corrupt files who are detected by virus Whith avast they detected a mp3 who only they detected, GDATa and virus total dont detect that. The reazon was this file was corrupt are obvious a FP but they dont take in count the users
On bullguard says "your windows was corrupt because sfc /scannow dont works because that we dont guarantee protection" and Microsoft dont do nothing they say contact manufacturer and the manufacturer says contact microsoft thats a weird think
Webroot is an excelent c ompany i like to chat whith you and solve  my problems but you are too quick and solve in a minute, please take this in count
I think virus was a problem but windows errors was worst problem and thecnicals and forum voluntaries have to know to solve this issue we can contribute together i am invistigate and research about windows problems i will put some comands  CMD like dism online clean up image restore health or sfc scannow or how to use office or windows fix it and diagnostic tools
I share this whith you and hope positive answers.
By other way i am software tester and have a blog and am in the best disposition to explain how webroot works and post all promotions and the vip system but if i can contact whith somebody to make a countest to webroot long trial or discount cuppons that was great
God Bless you
Kevin Aktiff

1 reply

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Hello Atkiffk
Welcome, I'm little voice and I can't help you with all issues but here in community, your problem will be addressed and solved I'm sure of it. I haven't been here long and I am very pleased with all that I have read, the resolution are there, and if you can assist someone or just say hello is great. I too had issues from stolen passwords and even a hacker. Here you will find people with giving articles on how to prevent a hacker or internet issues so much info at the touch on the keyboard. When you assist someone you can receive a kudos and get start with sticker goes up to cup next and so on, really look up awards. I started at New Voice now Frequent Voice

I do know that as long as you have your credentials Serial # on Windows software you can get it down loaded again free. At least that is what Geek Squad told me, because I had 8.1 Windows instead of the Windows 7, I liked Windows 7 better.

One thing I found in the past with MacAfee more like a virus than a protector for Windows. Once I changed that it calmed down.

I feel secure I see what is going on and control it on the key board it's your choice, a lot of it by the way. Welcome again, Thank you for your time and have a great day. But you still have Windows security also, I can't seem to stay away from this website.

Thank you

little voice