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  • 25 April 2017
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I might as well introduce myself.
I am a US Navy Veteran and a Violinist.  Ususally I have a hard time finding predefined avataers that fit, but got lucky this time.
The name has to do with my favorite airplane--the F-14 Tomcat which will eventually replace the violin if I make enough posts.  My interests don't ususally center around computers, so that is why it is a big if.

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6 replies

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Hello FelixNutsTomcat,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
t's great to have you here! This is really a special Forum with alot of awesome folks.
Here is the Getting Started Guide if you'd like to check it out.
So hope you enjoy the Forum as much as I have and do!:D
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Hello @, Welcome Aboard the Webroot Community Forum. :D
Thank you for serving. 

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Welcome @!!! :robotvery-happy:
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@ wrote:

Welcome @!!! :robotvery-happy:
@ your bringing back old memories when I was station on my large yacht ( USS Nimitz ). :D
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Just love that grapic!
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It would be nice to have that as a avatar, but it wouldnt work being animated.  I submited my own artwork as an avatar instead.