WRURL.DLL being flagged by MalwareBytes

  • 30 January 2021
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As of yesterday 1-29-21, WRURL.DLL being flagged by Malwarebytes as malware.

What is it? Should I let Malwarebytes quarantine it?



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3 replies

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Hello @jackwebb 


If it’s located here then it’s a False Positive and let MBAM support know please! It’s part of Webroot’s Web Filtering module!


See here from VirusTotal:


Also I have MBAM and it’s not detected by them on my system and I updated to the latest database update before scanning that file.





Thanks for the reply. Yes, your suggested location [C:\ProgramData\WRData\PKG] is where it was flagged at.

However...This afternoon after another scan by MBAM,  it was not flagged and had not been quarantined. MBAM is now clear. Looks like as you suggested a false positive.


thanks a lot for the help here...jack

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@jackwebb  Great to hear it’s sorted!