Yahoo Search reults title text overlaps web site names

  • 9 October 2021
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I have Webroot installed and turned on …  but the web search results title displays are not readable.  I have the green check mark but then the title is overlaying the www.”addresses” so in most cases I can not make out (read)  either very well … it is like typing 2 lines on top of each other? 

When I shut off WEBROOT is clears up.  I use yahoo as my default engine as it it on the ATT home page … but if switch to google search it seems fine.  is there ea setting that can be fix on this? 


This seem to have started a few weeks back


PS:  I also use Firefox as my default browser



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4 replies

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Hello @Retire now 


I don’t see Yahoo search and I had to download the Extension from Mozilla, I use Google Search and it’s fine but I do see the issue with Yahoo searches but not sure if it’s a Webroot Problem or the Extension?


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Bing works fine as well!



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I removed the Yahoo extension so I went to Yahoo search home page and tried from there and it’s not good either. If you like contact Webroot Support and let them know Directly! Webroot Customer Service



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Thanks for verifying... I will do that