Android - Version 2.6 Released

  • 9 March 2012
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Webroot Secure Anywhere 2.6 for Android was released as of 3/8/12
Changes worth mentioning:
1. New and improved web browser!  You now have tabbed browsing. [This update is only applicable to the Complete version.]
2. On the portal, if you have an international country code and number, it will display properly now.
3. Various bug fixes.
4. You can now force off the the notifications concerning USB Debugging and installing from non-Market sources if you choose to have those settings enabled on your phone and don't want Webroot to constantly be displaying a yellow alert because of them.
(edited to reflect some concerns brought up below)

8 replies

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Many thanks Jim for the change log of ;)
However I have a few questions, sorry you know me :p
1) The change log presented on Adroid market is different a little, please see below
- Enhanced support for expirations/renewals
- Added the ability to edit the device name in the web portal
- Created an option to override warnings for Android’s Unknown Sources and USB Debugging settings
- Bug fixes
Can you kindly shed light on the third item above? I wonder how an option to override warnings does work actually because today I have synchronized my HTC with Outlook using HTC Sync and I didn't notice any difference comparing to the previous WSA build.
2) Can you kindly also elaborate about the change 1. you have stated in your post? Which browser you are talking about? Sorry I am quite confused as regards this item.
Thanks & regards,
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Hey pagas, let me have a go at that.
The USB Debugging/Unknown Sources warning was made optional because people asked not to be notified if they wanted this option on. Basically this option on the device allowes users to install applications from other sources such as the Amazon market, or GetJar, AndroidPIT etc... (if they are not being re-directed to Google Play), or directly from their PC.
Hope that answers your question.
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Thx djames for clarification.
However can somebody also reply to my query under item 2) (Jim's item 1.)? I don't really know how improved web browser is related to WSA mobile?
My last comment is regarding the change logs. I think it would be user friendly if we have the same change logs presented here on the forum and on Android market as well.
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Jim's item #1 is only related to SecureAnywhere Complete specifically, which contains Secure Browsing.  The other two mobile apps (Free and Premium) are not affected by this change.  We upgrade all three apps at the same time since they use the same infrastructure and a lot of the same base.
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Thx Kit for making it clear 😉
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I usually try to make it as clear as shower door glass. 😉
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Just to inform that a minor update of WSA 2.6 has been released yesterday (3/15/12). The build is
Enjoy it ;) 
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@ wrote:
Just to inform that a minor update of WSA 2.6 has been released yesterday (3/15/12). The build is
Enjoy it ;) 

To help out here, that build was primarily an incremental for a system that needs a number change, but also had a fix for an uncommon back button bug caused by odd firmware on some devices.