Android - Version 2.7 Released

  • 6 April 2012
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Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile for Android Version 2.7 has been released!  
Notable Improvements:
- Malware Categories - It will tell you more about what it found now rather than just saying it found something.  It will specifiy if something is a trojan, keylogger, etc.
- Manifest level detection - It will now scan the manifests of new APK's to make determinations about the nature of the APK from the analysis of the manifest.
- Complete is now available in full on the Kindle Fire.  Previously only part of Complete was available on Kindle Fire.  Now you can use SecureSync and SecureWeb as well.  When you initially download Complete on a Kindle Fire it will tell you that it needs to make separate subsequent downloads of SecureWeb and SecureSync, which it will then do. The installation is a bit different from a standard mobile installation of Complete in which the separate downloads are not necessary and there is no such notification.  The notification and separate download is necessary because of how Amazon's market works.
- Localization to Spanish and Portuguese to go along with English and Japanese
- Bug Fixes - Specifically notable is that the "Blank Screen" issue reported here on SecureWeb was fixed.

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