iOS SecureWeb Version 2.1.619 (Released March 1, 2016)

  • 2 March 2016
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iOS SecureWeb Version 2.1.619 (Released March 1, 2016)
  • Long press on back/forward arrows to navigate recently viewed pages.
  • Long press on a link for an option to open in a new tab.
  • Improved messaging for malicious site blocking.
  • Faster browsing performance.
  • Added the option to allow specific websites access to location services.
  • Added support for printing websites using AirPrint.
  • Fixed back/forward button issue.
  • Various bug fixes.

5 replies

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Thanks Nic! That's alot of improvements! 😃
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Yep, the mobile team has been knocking it out of the park lately!
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I haven't been using my iPad with SecureWeb and therefore haven't noticed the update. Will be checking this out soon!
I am in the orange, what does that mean?
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Hello GlendaVHracek12,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
May I ask what OS you are running?
Are you asking about what orange means concerning a warning of the Website? You have replied in the iOS so please look here at the SecureWeb User Guide.
What message are you getting from Webroot? Does it say you have a threat?
Scanning for malware(WSA_PC_Help)
Managing detected threats
WSA show your computer's overall protection status, and as such the system tray icon and the main interface change colors, as follows:
  • Green — Your computer is secure.
  • Yellow — One or more messages require your attention.
  • Red — One or more critical items require your intervention.
Has WSA detected a threat and Quarantined it?
Open WSA interface and click on the 'Scan my Computer' button. That should either confirm the threat's presence or come up Green to advise that there is no threat.
If there is a threat detected then you can look in the Quarantine area (click on gear/cog symbol to the right of the PC Security tab in the main app panel, and then click on the 'Quarantine' tab displayed in the next panel).
Now if you are refering to a Mac computer please look here.
If you need further assistance or help you can always Submit a Support Ticket free of charge with a Webroot subscription.
Hope this helps?