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  • 19 August 2012
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Version has been released!
Version (Released August 18th, 2012)
  • Compatibility with:[list]
  • Avast
  • XChat
  • UltraMon
  • ConstantGuard ID Vault
  • Watchdog
  • Synaptics PS2 keyboard drivers
  • Multiple performance enhancements, including:
    • Reduced CPU load with numerous instances of Chrome
    • Reduced background CPU usage during scan
    • Uninstall process and performance enhancement
    • CPU usage when on the status screen
    • Reduced overhead of background threads while idle
    • Keyboard responsiveness with Identity Shield
    • (Business edition only) Increased server process shutdown speed
  • Significant threat detection and remediation enhancements, including:
    • CLSID cleanup
    • Kernel rootkit removal
    • Heuristic blocking of files with appended data
  • Context menu scans now support a significantly larger number of files
  • Windows 8 kernel support
  • Change journal support on 64-bit OS's
  • Exception tracking logic
  • Web Threat Shield blocking behavior
  • Updating from a previous version
  • Updated install and update process to prevent invalid paths
  • Reliability of status screen updates[/list] Added
    • New language support for:[list]
    • Traditional Chinese
  • System Cleaner cleanup for Chrome
  • Scheduling for System Cleaner
  • System cleanup of Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 most recently used files list
  • New threat detections:
    • M0rpheus
    • Zeus Trojan
    • General malicious services
  • Enhanced zero-day threat prevention and warnings
  • Cleanup of .exe subkeys
  • Additional logging of active processes
  • Help and Support link in tray options
  • Desktop shortcut after install
  • (Business edition only) Logging when agent command scans are run[/list] Fixed
    • Simultaneous initial scans
    • Caps Lock unexpected behavior on secure sites
    • Last scan display discrepancies
    • Context menu scans failure
    • Scheduled scan on boot up
    • (Business edition only) Handling of Account Management Website activation
    • Correct completion of active scans
    • Duplicate uninstall links
    • Identifying host file modifications
    • Scanning of some corrupt files
    • Duplicate prompts for untrusted program execution
    • Premature scan completion
    • Not scanning on battery power
    Other changes
    • Major UI enhancements
    • Changed international product names to prevent language confusion
    • Help question mark in upper-right corner of UI now opens support web page
    • (Business edition only) User response option removed for firewall prompts in centrally managed environment
    Enjoy the new build everyone!

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