webroot addon disabled on firefox 55+ and webroot driver issues

  • 25 August 2017
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webroot addon was disabled on firefox 55+ due to lack of webextensions support by webroot???
how webroot should get rid of addons in general and develop webroot driver systemwide...i know it driver support was added but its not functional as saw in  firefox...i do not get any warnings if i visit malicious site....but if virus tries to download at system level webroot detects it...
why not eliminate threat site at browser level like detecting site as malicious site and blocking it just like malwarebytes do?
e.g issue can arise if malicious site grab my login credentials like session hijacking or something and webroot can't detect as no malicious code has been active at system level?
i see lacks in webroot driver?
this should be functional like malwarebytes driver protection show warnings on malicious website detection

1 reply

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Can you please Submit a Support Ticket as I have a feeling they have a fix for this. Also please let us know how things go.
Daniel 😉