Welcome to Carbonite Endpoint API forum

  • 3 August 2021
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Hi, Carbonite Endpoint is pleased to open this API forum. We want to give our customers a place to discuss, ask questions and share ideas  on how they are using or plan to use the APIs. 

With Carbonite Endpoint, organizations can better protect valuable data on employee devices, mitigate data loss and data breach, and restore lost data quickly through best-in-class endpoint protection.

The API documentations are here: 
Dashboard  service API:  

Carbonite  Endpoint is excited to have  you, and is looking forward to all the  discussions here. 


1 reply

Hi guys, in my company we want to use the EndPoint APIs to create an advanced tool that allows us to extract an .xlsx file or a .csv file of the devices and users registered on the platform, and then treat that file so that we can generate internal reports that tell us data such as which users have not been backed up in X number of days, without us having to access the carbonite panel.

I have reviewed the documentation and the available APIS only allow us to create users and companies, and that is not very useful for our case.

Are there any advanced APIS that allow me to do this kind of queries, I have more than 150 users and I need to automate this process.

Thanks in advance.