• 11 August 2021
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Thank you for checking out the Carbonite Replication API community. This space is designed to provide our customers with a place to ask questions about API usage, to share ideas or solutions for how they plan to implement the Replication APIs, and to get inspiration for their next project.

Carbonite Replication – which includes Carbonite Migrate and Carbonite Availability – enables organizations to replicate Windows and Linux data, applications, and entire servers from any physical, virtual, or cloud-based environment to the same or different type of environment. This any-to-any data replication capability can be used to easily migrate or protect server workloads between on-premise data centers, from on-premise to cloud, from cloud to cloud, etc.

You can find the Carbonite Replication API documentation here:

PowerShell Guide:   https://download.doubletake.com/_download/Documentation/PowerShell/PowerShellScriptingGuide.htm

REST API Guide:   https://download.doubletake.com/_download/Documentation/RestApi/CarboniteAvailabilityMigrateRestAPI.htm


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