Beta testers wanted - 2017

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Calling all cutting edge Webroot technophiles! 
We're looking to grow our current beta program. It doesn't matter if you're a PC or Mac enthusiast. All are welcome to join!
If you're interested in helping us test out new builds for bugs and issues, please PM me or @ or request access to the group here.  
How does it work you ask? Great question! 
New Tester:
  • We will send you a private message with a keycode and installation information
  • Testers provide product feedback via the Community Beta Group
  • General feedback to let us know if Webroot is working as designed
  • Specific feedback to any questions posted by Webroot on the Beta Community
  • Testers will continually receive any Webroot product updates made during the testing period
  • System requirements match our current product
  • You may leave the beta by uninstalling Webroot at any time
Existing Beta Tester:  
First of all, thank you so much for helping us out thus far. You're all set and your current keycode should work. However, if you need a new keycode please PM me or @
Current Beta Builds: 
We JUST launched a new Mac beta build the other day. For more information about that program, go here
We've got a brand new PC build that launched on 6/7. For more information about that program, go here.  
More information here on our latest Android Beta program. 
Thanks so much!

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I am a retired computer consultant/network engineer.  I would be glad to Beta Test your products.  I have recommended Webroot to old customers.  I used it on all client computers when I was active.
Never had a a problem with Webroot.  Keeps my system safe
Fred Fulenwider
I would absolutely love to help you guys beta test. I have been using Webroot for 4 years running now and love it to death. You guys have not failed me yet and I would enjoy helping make Webroot better. Sign me up!
Would be ecstatic to be a beta tester, I was introduced to Webroot by a tech at Best Buy and have sworn by it since. I refer everybody I can to Webroot. Thanks for doing a fabulous job.
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I'm interested.  I have beta testing experience. Sign me up. 
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Did someone mention a "technophiles"?
PC user here, I understand that there is nothing yet, though a Beta is on the way,... It'll be a privilege to take part in Webroots Beta Program, Sign me up,... Please!
Already requested access to the group, Thank You!
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I am also a retired IT Software Architect with testing and QC experience. I'd be glad to be a beta tester...
I will be happy to help anyway I can.
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@ @ @ @ @ @ @

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
We're all really excited to see such a great response so far. 
If you need any assistance, please let @ or I know. Also, be sure to let us know in the appropriate beta thread:
  • How it's going
  • What you're seeing
  • If you have questions/concerns
  • If everything is going well
Any and all feedback is encouraged! 
Count me in for beta testing!
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Great! Thanks @
I would be happy to be a Beta tester.
Everette Day
I would be be more than happy to to a Beta Tester for windows PC
I think I do a good job at this I'm smart and up front and I like the Co. and I hope I can help I'm Not as smart as some of the members I see but I think it is time for members like me Thank you
I would be  interested in being a beta tester. I have used webroot for quite a while now. I was a computer programmer in 1960. I bought my first home computer in 1979. I am very computer literate even though I am 81.
Be honored to test. Been teaching programming for 16 yrs. at the college level.
Iwould like to be a part of the Beta testers. It sounds very interesting.

How much do you pay.

Have been using Webroot for the last year and have been very impressed. I look forward to being part of the Beta Testing team to help make a good product even better.
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Hi hirschcogmailcom
Welcome to the Community Forums.
You are JOKING, aren't you?
Regards, Baldrick
I have ben using WebRoot for many, many years and I woud like to particpate in the Beta Testing program!
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Hi Scanner1142,
All you need to do to become a member of the Beta Group is to PM @ OR PM @ and ask fo join the Beta Group and you would like instructions how to do so. If you are still unsure about the link I sent you.;)
@ I hear you are all sorted....have a great day!:D
I am very keen to help with Beta testing - 30+ years of IT experience
Lex Faure
South Africa
Interested by been a beta tester
Where to apply for

My name: jean
~ Email removed, Please do not post Private Information ~