Conflict with onOne Software

  • 12 September 2013
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Hey there, I work for Technical Support at and our applications always seem to conflict with your virus protection.  I have duplicated the problem myself.  What are the steps we can take to prevent this and get our software on your  whitelist?  


3 replies

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Hey NathanK,
The fastest way would be to contact Webroot support directly, they will take your call or support ticket regardless of being a customer. They are fast and seem to be very interested in resolving any false positives.
You may also be ok to call the business support line. Their support will start 8AM Mountain Time tomorrow (So I don't give the wrong impression, there are 24/7 voice-based support channels for businesses in priority situations but that doesn't apply here. The general ticket system is always fully capable 24/7 if I remember correctly.)
About what I expected...
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Hi Nathan,
They will need the details and log from your example computer in order to see exactly what users are facing and whitelist the products. There's not a way to whitelist based on company since that distinction doesn't exist on the file system level.