IDC throws its weight behind cyber resilience

  • 14 February 2022
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IDC throws its weight behind cyber resilience
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Carbonite + Webroot recently commissioned IDC to write an eBook searching for the best way to protect against the rising rates of cybercrime. After all – we’ve all seen the headlines that report million-dollar ransom payments, infrastructure attacks and healthcare systems under siege.


The headlines are eye-popping, but so are the facts. 56% of ransomware victims suffered a few days to a week of downtime during their most recent incident. And 36% of businesses who experienced three or more ransomware incidents in the past 12 months required a significant amount of extra resources to rectify.


But it’s not all bad news – IDC found that a 6-step framework for cyber resilience presents the strongest defense.


As industry leadings experts, IDC backs up their recommendation with considerable research and analysis to present an iron-clad case for adopting their cyber resilience framework. With this eBook in hand, MSPs can show reluctant clients the cold hard facts about the state of cyberattacks.


Their 6-step framework presents a clear set of actionable steps for businesses to take:

  1. Identify - You can’t protect what you haven’t first identified.
  2. Protect - Employees and their devices are the first targets. Protect them and start a systematic file and backup system.
  3. Detect - Threat intelligence and experience-based detection can thwart even the most sophisticated attackers.
  4. Respond - It’s imperative to stop attackers’ advances before real harm occurs
  5. Recover - Clean up infected devices, close backdoors and have a plan to recover damaged or out-of-commission assets
  6. Educate - Empower your employees to form a citizen army of cybersecurity checkpoints.


The IDC eBook also acts as an invaluable resource for MSPs. IDC included tools geared specifically for them to utilize. This includes:

  • Important tips for talking with SMBs
  • Eye-opening stats for convincing your clients
  • Preview of a powerhouse platform for protecting against cyberattacks


Download the IDC eBook, Why It’s Critical for Businesses to Implement a Cyber Resilience Framework, doc #CA48731722BRO, January 2022,  to learn key tips for MSPs and to learn more about IDC’s 6-step framework for cyber resilience. 

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It would be good if MSPs could have this whitelabelled. I like the 6 steps framework and it could work well as a discussion piece with customers.