Our Newest Bronze VIP ssherjj (Sherry)

  • 30 September 2014
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Well done Sherry! You are a big asset to the community and fully deserve promotion! :D

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Hello Dermont7,
It's always a pleasure to work along side you and our other awesome Community Members working as a Team like we do.,

Thank you so very much for those kind words!

Have a great day Dermont 🙂
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Congratulations Sherry on your promotion to Bronze VIP. Excellent job, keep up the good work. Next step is to that Mile High City (Denver). Beautiful country, I've been there many times delivering. ;)
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Hello ProTruckDriver!!!:D
Nice to hear from you!  
Thank you so much and that would be a dream  to make it too the Mile High City! I was born in Aurora, Colorado but never stayed in Colorado much..
Take it easy ok?;)