Technical support over the Thanksgiving long weekend

  • 18 November 2015
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Just wanted to let everyone know that the Webroot offices will be closed next week on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will have support available only via the ticket submission form on those days, similar to our weekend support model.  Have a safe and happy long weekend to all who will be celebrating this holiday next week!

6 replies

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Thank you for the update on this. Enjoy the holidays!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I know I will enjoy being with Famiy!:D
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Hi Nic
Thanks for precising...useful to know when the members come a calling...:D
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Regards, Baldrick
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Thank you for letting us know Nic.
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
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Thanks Nic have fun my friends south of the border! Oh I see that you got hit with a snow storm last night in Colorado! :D
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Many thanks, ?, I was wondering if it would be a slow day.
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Happy Thanks giving (late)