7 Useful Reasons to Use AirPlane Mode on iPhone

  • 25 May 2023
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by: Jamie Cuevas


While AirPlane Mode for iPhone has been around since the earliest days of the device, many users still do not understand how the feature works, or why it is potentially useful. With that in mind, we’re going to review a variety of genuinely useful reasons you may wish to use AirPlane Mode on an iPhone.

For the unfamiliar, using AirPlane Mode on iPhone is easy, and it can be enabled or disabled through Control Center by tapping the Airplane icon, or through Settings > AirPlane Mode. When AirPlane Mode is enabled, the iPhone will disconnect network connections and cellular connections, basically taking the device offline, and preventing inbound and outbound calls or data transfers.

Used properly, AirPlane Mode can be a useful tool for specific purposes, and also as an alternative to turning off iPhone completely.


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1 reply

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Use airplane mode quite often. Actually as a quick fix for network issues. Much easier and quicker to rest networking than restarting the phone