9 Handy Universal Control Tips & Tricks for Mac & iPad

  • 9 December 2022
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by: Paul Horowitz


Universal Control is a fantastic feature for Mac and iPad that allows you to share a keyboard and mouse or trackpad between devices. But aside from the convenient ability to share the keyboard and mouse, there are some additional handy tips and tricks available to Universal Control that you may not be familiar with, and we’ll be covering some of those here.

From copying and pasting, to dragging and dropping files, using keyboard shortcuts, arranging displays orientation to represent your physical setup, using gestures, reconnecting devices, and more, read along to better understand a wide variety of tips and tricks for Universal Control for both MacOS and iPadOS.

Assuming you’ve enabled Universal Control on the Macs and iPads, and the devices meet the system requirements for using the feature, you’re good to go. Let’s check out some of the cooler features, beyond simply sharing at the keyboard and mouse.


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1 reply

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Good summary. Universal control is a cool feature.