And I thought MY boss was rough....

  • 3 February 2014
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I was reading over CNN and ran into this little gem.  If you thought your boss or company was bad about micromanaging and trying to squeeze every last drop out of you possible, remember that things could ALWAYS be a LOT worse!
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The Hitachi Business Microscope.  
"The device looks like an employee ID badge that most companies issue. Workers are instructed to wear it in the office.
Embedded inside each badge, according to Hitachi, are "infrared sensors, an accelerometer, a microphone sensor and a wireless communication device."

"Hitachi says that the badges record and transmit to management "who talks to whom, how often, where and how energetically.""

"It tracks everything."
I read over the entire article.  A workplace with CCTV + Audio can be unnerving I think, but with this thing is just plain scary.  .  All I can say is I hope the boss is listening in the next time I have a massive case of flatulance and have attempted to relieve it in a previously sacred space.

3 replies

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How energetically?? Man this is scary.  I mean I understand wearing a FitBit for yourself to find out how much exercise you are getting, but I wouldn't want my employer tracking me.
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It almost makes the NSA sound like a bunch of amateurs eh?
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Wow...are they sure that they REALLY, REALLY want their employees to wear this everywhere in the office...and I mean EVERYWHERE?  I can think of a couple of places that they might want to strike off the list...if only for decency's sake/to not be accused of an invasion of privacy...and the funny thing is I can see those places becoming popular meeting places...if they are not on the list.
Long live micro management...NOT.