any help with error code 0X8007007f??

  • 12 September 2015
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anyone dialed in on error code 0X8007007f???? I'm stuck and can't get my browser to work??

8 replies

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Hello Mike, welcome to the Community!
What browser are you using?
? seems to have more information on this than I do, so I will leave it to you my good friend 🙂
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Hi mtmgolf79
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Please have a look at this thread from the Microsoft Support forums, which deals with the error code that you have mentioned.
EDIT: Checking on this in a bit more detail the main issue is that it can be generated for a number of reasons...but I have not found one related to browsers. What exactly is happening when the error code is issued?
Regards, Baldrick
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? oh, no you don't...;)
This one where we are likely to need all hands to the pumps given the very wide range of potential reasons for the message being issued. 
Your most excellent help with most needed and most appreciated, my good friend.
And whilst on this perhaps ? could bring his encyclopedic knowledge in matters system to bear here?
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Well, my question regarding the browser was a bit of a fishing expedition, but if the browser is ANYTHING other than Edge for Windows 10, or IE for any other version of Windows, I was going to suggest re-installing the browser and going from there.  :)
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I'd suggest trying a browser reset, and see if any different. 
  How to reset Internet Explorer settings   
  Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems | Firefox Help    
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@ wrote:
I'd suggest trying a browser reset, and see if any different.
Yes, much better to start with that before going about my suggestion. Thanks @!
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I don't know about
This is a tough one because it the message has been around for a long while involving many apps.  In some cases it is
dlll related  and others configuration or apps at fault.  So I would start with the simple steps first like sfc /scannow just to eliminate the system  as a potential source.  If that does not fix it I would move on to the already suggested possibilities.
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I would want more information before even trying to assess this..  What Operating system are you on, what browser are you using, what brwoser extensions do you use, what security do you have besides the obvious Webroot, What was happening when you first noticed this problem, did you add/remove anything? ect...