Apple Could Turn The Apple Pencil Into a Real Life Eye Dropper Tool Through This Patent

  • 31 December 2022
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Apple has recently filed a patent for a next-generation Apple Pencil with built-in optical sensors that can capture both colors and textures. This technology could turn the Apple Pencil into more than just a stylus for note-taking and art creation. With the ability to gather inspiration from the colors and textures of real-life objects, the device could serve as a reference tool for artists to build their own banks of hues and textures for use in their projects. This feature is reminiscent of the popular "eyedropper" tool found in graphics software, allowing users to easily capture and leverage colors from their surroundings.

According to the patent application, the Apple Pencil's color sensor system would be able to capture the color of external objects and potentially make measurements of their texture and other appearance-related characteristics. The light emitter in the new Apple Pencil may also be adjustable and have a customizable light spectrum. This spectrum can be adjusted during color sensing measurements based on factors such as ambient light color.


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1 reply

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Be interesting to see if this one comes to light