Apple's To Unveil New iPhone(s) September 10?

  • 12 August 2013
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Rumors about the next iPhone have been circulating since [seemingly] right after the current iPhone 5 hit shelves just less than a year ago. But today, we seem to finally have a date (albeit unofficial) for finding out which of the rumors will prove true. Originally reported by Ina Fried of AllThingsD last weekend, September 10th is when Apple is expected to reveal it's next mobile device (or devices) to the world at a special event.
"The launch comes at an important time for Apple, which continues to make a lot of money from the iPhone but has seen its global market share dip mid a growing wave of lower-cost Android devices, as well as an intense battle with archrival Samsung."

So now that we know [unofficially but highly likely] the 'when', the focus shifts to the 'what'. What is still unclear is whether Apple will make the event's single focus be the iPhone 5S (pretty much every rumor suggests that the new iPhone will keep in line with Apple's refresh-before-redesign cycle and will look like the current iPhone 5) or if the company will save some room for the alleged iPhone 5C (C is for 'color'), a lower-cost, polycarbonate model that will help Apple capture some new market share. Other rumors (at least for the 5S) include a new A7 custom processor, the removal of the rectangular mark on the home button, a new sapphire-covered home button with a fingerprint sensor, and a new gold color to go alongside the familiar black and white options. For more on these rumors, check out this post on MacRumors.

And here is what the gold version will look like, according the Japanese blog, Mac Otakara:

(Source: Mac Otakara; MacRumors)

What do you think about all of these rumors? Does Apple need a low-cost iPhone? Do you agree with their strategy to keep the hardware pretty much unchanged for the 'S' branded re-freshes? What features would you like to see on the next iPhone?


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