Atari: my first video game console - Filed for bankruptcy

  • 25 January 2013
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"Eventually, all of one's childhood idols fall on hard times. Now, it's Pong.
Atari's U.S. subsidiary, the creator of Pong, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, slain by a flock of Angry Birds and a school of Fruit Ninjas. The company has gone through numerous owners in its 40-plus-year history, adapting to the vicissitudes of the video game market along the way. And it will probably resurrect itself once again, but the glory days of gaming and Pong will probably never return."

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I hate to see this happen. Pong, Tank, Night Driver are some of the games I remember loving. Except for E.T. The Extraterrestrial. How on earth did someone think that game was good enough to release? It sucked. SUCKED, I say!

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There was a story going around for a while that there were enough extra ET games leftover to fill a landfill, which is what they did with them.
Personal favorite:

Sad to see Atari go.  😞
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OH.. Warlords... Yes, I loved that game.  I found a neat little glitch in which you could cause the ball to dissapear instead of bouncing back at your opponent.. it would instantly reappear WITHIN your opponents castle causing immense damange :)  Ah.. Atari 2600, those were the good ole days!
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Keystone Capers and Pitfall were also two really fun games. I miss those games!