Berkeley Freshman Transforms Dorm Room into Futuristic Bachelor Pad

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Hey Guys,
I just stumbled upon a fairly cool article on Yahoo about (see title), so I thought I'd share it:
Sweet Dorm Room!
Just in case you don't feel like reading much, here's your brief synopsis... Armed with a Mac Book Air, iPad, iPhone, and about $200 worth of store-bought electronic equipment, Cal Berkeley Freshman Derek Low decked out his dorm room to cater towards today's technology standards (modestly speaking).
Dubbed "BRAD" (Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm), the room features an array of futuristic amenities such as automatic window shades, voice-activated lights (which can be set to different modes like "sleep", "homework" and "romantic"), and an "emergency party button", which I am sure is the college crowd pleaser. And BRAD's idea of an alarm combines drawing back the curtains and turning on the lights all while Justin Beiber's "Baby" blasts your ears from the set up music speakers!
Needless to say, some people (particularly resident hall officials) were not too fond of BRAD and Low has to appear at a judicial hearing. But hey, what college Freshman hasn't been to one of those? Just kidding.
I say give the guy a free ride scholarship to Berkeley's engineering school. But if that doesn't happen, at least his "project" is blowing up all over the internet now, which today, is probably worth more than a scholarship anyway.

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