Can I use my WSA Antivirus as my one and only security program?

  • 24 November 2012
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I tend to think that YES, of course!
What do you guys think about it? 

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Hi Classrock,
Yes WSA was designed as a stand alone AV security solution.  So, yes, you can use it as your sole protection.  
Thank you for your business.
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Hello classrock, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D
Like browell stated, yes it was designed as a stand alone AV. I use WSA as real-time protection only on 2 of my computers now. I needed some security software for my 12 year old computer that was low on resources and excellent in keeping my computer safe. WSA did the job, low resources and excellent security! My 12 year old computer runs like new! 😃
Thank you both guys!!!
I really wanted to be sure of that and now my doubts were completely cleared up.
Thanks! :D
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You're Welcome classrock. Any other questions about WSA, this Forum is the place to come for help & answers. 😉
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WSA can, as well noted above, be trusted as your sole security.  On a side note, it is one of the few if not only that has the ability to co-exist peacefully with other solutions as well.  Most AV software is not compatible with any other AV software... Webroot is the exeption.
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I am another example in running WSA alone with Vista firewall. Yeah, I should also mention AdMuncher which is not a security tool but also increases protection due to its capabilities to block ads, links etc. which are often source of malwares.
Thanks buddies for your inputs :D