Can't paste clipboard into reply?

  • 20 June 2012
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There appears to be some sort of anomaly in the way this message board handles copy/paste of clipboard contents into replies.  I can copy text from my text editor and paste here (after clearing a warning by IE8).  But I don't appear to be able to copy the contents of another post on this forum into this text box.  I had to copy/paste it into Word, and then use the "Paste from Word' to get it into the message (didn't try to pass it through the text editor, which I assume might have worked.)
-- Roy Zider

2 replies

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It's unfortunate that you're having trouble pasting items into the reply box. I can say with certainty that it's not the board itself prohibiting the pasting of text into the reply box, as I cannot reproduce the issue, and it hasn't been reported by anyone else. It's also designed to be able to accept pasted text. It's possible that perhaps your initial copy action involved more than just text, and the board would not allow for a pasted graphic or other non-text data. I'll move this over to Techie, and we can see if perhaps another forum member might chime in with additional advice. It might be useful to know what the warning is that IE8 is giving you. It could also be useful to try copying and pasting the same data via another browser to see if you get the same results.
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I have had issues but not a big deal, I think it has to do with this forum using Rich Text, HTML as most other forums I visit use BB Code and they are easier to use IMHO :p