CNET Review: New Razer Blade gaming laptop shrinks down to ultrabook size

  • 4 June 2013
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Is PC gaming getting conservative?

Razer, the PC peripherals manufacturer, is now a risk-taking newcomer to the world of PC gaming laptop hardware. The Razer Edge gaming tablet and funky second-screen Razer Blade gaming laptop were bold moves, both of which made experimental departures from a somewhat stale gaming-laptop pattern.
Yet, the newly announced 14-inch Razer Blade is a throwback: no touch screen. No Switchblade second-screen clickpad. No convertible tablet mode. This is a laptop. A very thin, very sleek gaming laptop, the type you'd recognize.

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1 reply

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Razer products are vastly overpriced and arent worth it in my opinion. Still though its a nice simple design but I wouldnt be spending my money on it.