Common errors with 8.1 upgrades

  • 1 November 2013
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Here are some solutions via my MVP channels.
Something happened with the download and you need to reset

Can't move your user folders
Now blocked from the 8.1

Biggest views:
Driver issue?
SSD issue?
Not enough system space?
Daniel 😉

3 replies

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Thanks for sharing these, TH! They will be very helpful for anyone having 8.1 issues.
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Kudos to this. Thanks for the links.
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easiest way to prevent alot of the issues is to try and download the drivers for your computer running 8.1 to your desktop before downloading it. as once you download it nine times out of ten your network drivers wont work and if your running a laptop with a gpu you will be running the build in and you will be able to tell easily. another way is to stick with windows 8. i'll move to 8.1 in about two years, mainly because it didn't change much from windows 8 and it always has issues after installing unless its a custom build.