• 7 October 2013
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Previously when I have had a problem my PC completely froze. In order to contact Webroot for help I do have an iPad. what email or site can I use on the iPad fro help.

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4 replies

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Its not exactly clear from your message but is your PC is infected? We have a number of phone support numbers or you can submit a troubleshooting ticket online from your iPad. However if you submit a ticket from the iPad no logs will be uploaded so we will need more information about the issue. Can you elaborate on the problem? 
I have been with webroot for a number of years (previously when Prevx). Whenever I had a problem in the past the infected PC was completely frozen so I was unable to email for help. My question is now that it is Webroot and in the event of a problem that freezes my PC what address can I email for help via my IPad or can I telephone for help which wasn't available with Prevx.
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You can call us on our support lines (shown on the link below). You also can submit a troubleshooting ticket via the link below.Below is the contact support page with the various numbers and time zones. Depending on where you are either myself or one of my colleagues can hopefully connect and remove the offending infections.
Thanks for that