Cynja: A Cybersecurity Superhero

  • 22 April 2014
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The Internet is under attack. Cyber-criminals and adversaries have a large arsenal of malware and attack techniques to steal passwords, loot bank accounts, and even cause physical damage. We need people with digital skills to keep the Internet safe. Enter the Cynjas.
Cynja is a graphic novel tackling cybersecurity concepts in a way 6-12 year old kids can understand. The goal is admirable. The recent breaches and malware outbreaks are proof that we need a more security-savvy population as we become more and more enmeshed in the digital world. Not everyone can be a security expert, but we need the average user to understand why "password123" is not acceptable, or why we shouldn't have our Facebook profiles with all kinds of information open for strangers to see.
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A brilliant idea if it gets the youngsters thinking about security at an early age.

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