Dead Kim Jong-il's OS makeover takes a page from Dead Steve Jobs

  • 7 February 2014
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There just seem to be so many good but weird/bizarre technology-based stories around...and this one is superb:

New glorious people's UI brings fruity flavor to NORKS PCs

By Neil McAllister, 4th February 2014  The latest version of North Korea's official operating system has been given a makeover that lends it an all-too-familiar look and feel.
The Norks have maintained a state-sponsored Linux distro – RedStar Linux – since 2010. The earliest version looked like a fairly stock KDE desktop Linux, for its time. But with the new version 3.0, Pyongyang's OS has taken on a decidedly Cupertinian flair.
 As shown in screenshots gathered by web hacker Will Scott – who spent last autumn teaching computer science in Pyongyang – a few vestiges of the earlier RedStar UI remain, but most of it has been scrubbed and polished to look remarkably like OS X.
A view of the desktop shows system menus across the top of the screen, Mac-style, along with an application launcher at the bottom of the screen that resembles the OS X Dock. 
North Korea's latest glorious invention: a completely unique new OS desktop (click to enlarge)
Windows in RedStar 3.0 borrow the Finder's brushed-metal look, and its icons and controls borrow liberally from Apple too, albeit with some variations. The buttons to close, minimize, and zoom the windows are rounded squares instead of circles, for example, and in place of the Apple logo it has (naturally) a red star.
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Makes you wonder if Webroot should be worried about a North Korean WSA-like security app? know what they say "copying is the sincerest form of flattery" ;)

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Wish I could get a copy of that to install for dual-booting.  Imagine the nerd cred!
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Well, Nic...I believe that there are some cheap package tours to you could slip over and pick up a copy...unfortunately you cannot get a refund if you do not like the food, accomodation or entertainment provided during the stay. ;)
But I take you point...seriously cool...and a good reason to learn I suspect that it is not release in multi language format.