Digital Savvy? You're Still Quite Hackable, According to Recent Survey

  • 28 October 2013
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Today's National Cyber Security Awareness Month Tip comes in the form of a sobering survey conducted by Marble Security.
It turns out that those of us born in the millennial generation, who grew up alongside the internet, are ironically more likely to get hacked...or phished...or socially engineered, despite the common belief that we should be the ones wise enough to avoid these attacks. PCWorld has the report.
"Twenty-six percent of respondents aged 25 to 34 said at least one online account has been hacked. But that doesn't account for those ho have been part of major breaches over the years, or those who have had more than one account compromised. When it comes to those aged 35-44, the percentage drops to 24 percent."

The reason 'digital natives' face the risk of getting breached is because we're the ones representing today's workforce, the people who find ourselves in the midst of the BYOD era, who spend more time online (both personally and professionally), and who are seemingly always connected. Naturally, the odds of getting breached increase when these factors are taken into account.

Fortunately, this is why having great internet security, both for yourself and for your company, is more crucial right now than ever before. BYOD is here to stay...and it's growing. And hackers are getting smarter. Our tip? Make sure you have a security solution that can keep up with these trends.


(Source: PCWorld)

1 reply

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Great! I am safe as I wasn't born in the millennial age. I am much older. 😃