Don't Look now but Google Glass 2 is on the way.

  • 30 October 2013
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There is a new version of Google Glass on the way for those who have already become part of the 'tester' program.  Those who have the original units will have the opportunity to trade up if they desire, and also invite 3 friends to become Glass owners.  (For a modest $1500 that is...).
"The new Google Glass hardware will work with eyeglasses or shades, and include an ear bud to replace the speaker in the current model. The bone-conduction speaker, which, similar to some hearing aids, literally sends sound waves through the skull to the ear, has been called faulty by some testers.
The swap begins Friday and testers will have 60 days to decide if they want new Glass."
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Somehow, I am still not quite sold on it, but I have to admit that the improvements DO make it just a little more interesting to me.  A little, not enough to want one quite yet.

1 reply

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Even though these changes are interesting I can have a quiet sleep without these glasses. :D I use dioptric glasses only for distance (mainly only for driving) and I cannot imagine that I should do more with my glasses than use them only for seeing, especially when driving. :S However honestly my daughter calls me a "bear" quite often as far as the new technologies are concerned. :D So these glasses probably aren't an exception. :@