European telecom firms may block all mobile ads, spelling trouble for Google

  • 16 May 2015
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15th May 2015   By Mark Wilson
Google is facing something of a European revolution as mobile companies consider blocking ads on a massive scale. Israeli company Shine has developed software that blocks mobile ads, and it has gained the attention and support of a number of telecom companies in Europe.
Talking to the Financial Times, one wireless carrier said that the software had been installed at its data centers and could be enabled by the end of the year. With the potential to automatically block most ads on web pages and within apps, the repercussion of the ad boycott could be huge as mobile providers try to wrestle control from the likes of Google.
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This is a great idea, but I can see a problem that will come sooner then later. Currently most sites have this Social Media Sharing links which are embedded into the site. Currently there is no way to block these since they are literally part of the webpage. Simple design modification would allow the exact same thing but with advertisements.
I read an article several months ago that Google and Yahoo (a strange pairing to say the least) were indeed developing something along these lines. The article mentioned AdBlock+ and a couple other extensions that were seriously cutting revenue from these engines and that this would be a way to circumvent these blockers, with a rotating ad the blocker couldn't get a fix on the ads thus making it ineffective at blocking them.
Logically speaking this is not only possible but actually very probable that we will see this in the very near future. I personally fret the day that they do this because I love my ad free surfing on my pc and mobile phone. I realize that websites generate money with ads and allow us a much greater experience with information, but in the last couple years, without a blocker it has become almost impossible to gain information with any relative speed.